Loose Ends

Cllr Mike FletcherAs we await the final publication of the Council’s Review into its use of consultants ..

Extract from an interview with Cllr Mike Fletcher November 10th 2010 titled:
Call for Minister to Intervene on Consultant Secrecy.

MIKE FLETCHER: I doubt it. There might be a report, but I’ll bet these questions aren’t answered, such as who determines what rate is paid, who actually hires these people. And yesterday I saw again we’re hiring consultants to look into whether we need travellers sites in the town. (LAUGHS) And so it goes on.
PAUL STAINTON: And we smile at this, and we’re smiling this morning, but it’s serious business. This is our money, isn’t it. Millions of pounds of our money.
MIKE FLETCHER: It is. And when this comes up in group meeting or committee, some councillors grin, and snigger, and think it’s funny. Well it damn well isn’t funny. And I’m absolutely beside myself with rage over this.
PS: There’s sniggering going on is there?
MIKE FLETCHER: Oh yes. Yes. From fellow councillors, snigger and grin, and think, hello, here he goes again.
PS: Well I’m glad they think it’s funny that twelve million pounds of our money could have been wasted. I’m glad they find it something to snigger about.


Extract from Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald’s Twitter account dated November 9th 2010

“Police panel meeting went well then went for some entertainment at town hall listening to Cllr fletcher speaking always fun.”

Cllr Wayne Fitzgerald