Tory UKIP Pact?

nigel17:15 Monday 7th January 2013
Drive BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

[S]TEWART JACKSON CONSERVATIVE MP: I’ve said directly to David Cameron and others that as a party, at the very least we need to have an in/out referendum, to give the people their voice, a voice they’ve not had for over 30 years, so that we do pay due attention to their views, and we do represent their views. And if it’s the people’s will that we remain part of the European Union, I will accept that. But let’s give the voice. And I will campaign for us to leave the European Union, to restore sovereignty and outright self-government. I should be working with UKIP to get that in/out referendum, rather than them .. this futile gesture of standing against someone like me who’s a Eurosceptic, helping the Labour Party, which is, as I say, madness.
CHRIS MANN: Working together, Lisa Duffy?
LISA DUFFY UKIP NATIONAL CAMPAIGN MANAGER: I would happily work with Stewart on an in/out referendum. Unfortunately I don’t believe Cameron will ever give us one, but I would certainly work cross party in getting that in/out referendum, and letting the people decide on our membership of the European Union. Definitely.