Tory Peterborough Targets Meals On Wheels

Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate Lisa Forbes today 17th December 2012 condemned a proposal in the Peterborough City Council’s review of social care provision to increase charges for Meals on Wheels from £3.20 to £5.20.

Lisa says:

I beg every decent Tory Councillor to oppose this proposal to make frail and vulnerable pensioners pay the price for George Osborne’s economic mismanagement.

By the next election in 2015, the Coalition will have slashed the City Council budget by 28%. Already there have been cuts equivalent to £74.74 per head of the population. Meanwhile, he has reduced the tax bill for high earners.

This is cruel and unjust. Look at another Tory constituency, Basingstoke and Deane, where the cut is only £4.44 per head although there are many fewer disadvantaged people.

I don’t understand why Stewart Jackson has failed to protest about Peterborough being hit so hard. I ask him now to urge his party to reject this proposal at once and begin to campaign with me for a fair local government budget settlement for Peterborough.


Press Release 17th December 2012