Three Formats – Which Is Best?

harry_hillThe great philosophers say that you can’t stand still.  Change or perish.
That’s the natural way.

Over the years this site has tried out three different formats as listed below.

The first is a summary of a radio programme as per this one:
BBC Peterborough March 29th 2010

The second is a selected transcript of an interview as follows:
Tariq Sadiq on George Galloway

The third is analysis drawn from observation of local media instances and documents available:
A Rose By Any Other Name

It would be nice to have them all, but as things stand that isn’t happening.

So which of those three is the best? Go back to the old format, keep this one, or do more opinion pieces?

Or maybe other changes should happen.  Would it be better to take advertising as does the local newspaper, assuming anyone can be persuaded to cough up?

How about handing control over to a multi-handed behemoth such as the Council?

Or would it be a good idea to let the site wind down, slide into decay, and call it an interesting experience?

There are others ways of developing, but they do mean that other minds need to be involved.

If you have an opinion, or indeed care,  or think you have an idea about which way the wind should blow, why not reply on Twitter, or send a message, or add a comment below. Comments can effectively be added anonymously if you prefer in which case make up an email address. It’s a voxpop or a forum or a poll.

One point worth bearing in mind is that Peterborough is the only place in the UK with a New Listener format. It has the domain. It’s been going for years.  Would it be a pity to let it go? Or would you be glad to see the back of it?