The Right to Vote

15:37 Friday 11th February 2011
BBC Radio Cambridge

CALLER: Well first of all I agree passionately with the fact that our Parliament has now stood up to the so-called Court of Human Justice, which basically seems a trough that we all throw money into. And there are three people, or three classes or three types of people that aren’t allowed the vote. One are prisoners, who forfeit their .. in my opinion forfeit their right to vote by being anti-social. The second are bankrupts, which roughly falls into the same category. And the third are Lords of the Realm or Peers of the Realm, who are barred by the fact that they are Peers of the Realm. So does it mean that, should prisoners eventually get the vote, and God knows how that’s going to be administered, because most of them are of no known address anyway, does that mean bankrupts get the vote? They’re not criminals, but by common usage, they forfeit their right to vote. Technically I suppose,to keep it very brief, is by not paying their way, they forfeit the right. I’m not saying they’re bad people. All I’m saying is that .. obviously a large degree of it is circumstance. But the fact is they do forfeit their right to vote.