The BBC Department of Coincidences

head scratchMonday 9th May 2011

Co-incidence Part One: Just last week, Marco Cereste, Leader of Peterborough City Council, gained re-election to Stanground Central in a closely fought contest, after the surprise collapse of the Labour candidate in this debate.

Co-incidence Part Two: Today BBC Cambridgeshire is awash with stories about how Peterborough is failing to cope with the terrible problems it’s having with litter, waste and recycling. See this and this.

Co-incidence Part Three: Marco Cereste Leader of Peterborough City Council, of his many accomplishments, is Chairman of PREL, which has controversial plans to build a giant incinerator on land in Fengate, and another giant incinerator at Sutton Bridge.

PS folks: Don’t forget to renew that licence fee.