Peterborough Council Solar Ambitions Debated At Westminster

sj07:07 Tuesday 5th November 2013
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

[P]AUL STAINTON: The MP for Peterborough is raising the row over plans for a renewable energy park for Peterborough in the House of Commons. The City Council wants to build solar and wind farms on farmland it owns near Newborough and Thorney. The project will see the Council invest over £280 million, and could create over £30 million profit, which would be income for front line services. But MP Stewart Jackson is concerned about prime farmland being used for the project, and wants the Council to look at other options. His debate comes as local councillors and residents criticise the City Council for a lack of transparency with the plans. Let’s speak to some of those who are concerned right now. Mike Greene is part of the Newborough Landscape Protection Group and he’s with me this morning. Mike, morning.
MIKE GREENE: Morning Paul.
PAUL STAINTON: What are your prime concerns? We know what your concerns are about the solar farm. But what are your concerns about transparency, particularly from Peterborough City Council.
MIKE GREENE: It’s increasingly frustrating when we ask for information and we get half answers back, or when the team attended a scrutiny meeting, that they had faulty systems that meant that there wasn’t a full and complete copy of public records in effect.
PAUL STAINTON: There wasn’t a copy in public record of what was said.
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Peterborough Energy Scheme A Utopian Gamble

07:40 Tuesday 6th November 2012
Bigger Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

PAUL STAINTON: The fight against the closure of the two last Council-run care homes in Peterborough will continue, despite the City Council finally deciding they will shut. At a Cabinet meeting yesterday, it was agreed that Greenwood House will shut at the end of November, Welland House in March next year. But now five councillors are requesting a special Full Council meeting in the hope they can still change the ruling. It follows a huge public outcry from carers, residents, and their fanilies, who dispute the homes aren’t fit for purpose, and better care can be provided by the independent sector. .. The Council’s plans to use farmers’ fields to build a series of green energy plants were also approved and caused much consternation. Joining us now is Councillor Dave Harrington. He’s the Leader of Peterborough’s Independent councillors, and part of the group of councillors who are demanding that both of these issues are debated further at a Full Council meeting. Continue reading “Peterborough Energy Scheme A Utopian Gamble”

What Exactly Does This Mean?

08:27 Friday 28th September 2012
Bigger Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

The Conservative Leader of Peterborough City Council made this statement during an interview concerning the city’s Blue Sky plans to aggregate its electricity buying operations with other local authorities.

MARCO CERESTE: There’s going to be some really difficult times coming in the near future, so anything that we as a council can do to reduce local people’s costs are something we absolutely have to look at.