Staying on-topic – a local lesson

croquet07:47 Monday 8th February 2016
BBC Cambridgeshire

DOTTY MCLEOD: We’ve been talking about integration this morning, how easy is it to integrate when you move to a new country, or to a new county, or to a new town, or maybe even just into a new street. Lou in Fairfield says this:

“Dotty, integration is not easy when you wake up one morning and find migrants have moved in next door when you have friends who can’t get on the housing list and are struggling.”

Lou I do think that’s a really valid point actually. I think that sometimes the tension that arises between different communities or the tension that arises between if you like people who have maybe lived in a community for a long time towards newcomers. It can come almost from completely external factors, things like the economy or things like the housing market. For example I know that in lots of Cambridgeshire towns and villages now there might be newcomers from London who are buying up property that local people just can’t afford, because the prices are being pushed so high. And I can imagine that that does make it really kind of tough to welcome these new people into these existing communities.