Slow Start to the Season for The Posh

18:08 Thursday 23rd August 2012
Drive BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

CHRIS MANN: Let’s talk football. Posh go into Saturday’s clash with Leeds having lost their first two League games of the season. At the moment they’re equal bottom of the table, with nil points. Fergie told our Sports Editor Nick Fairbairn there’s no need for anyone to panic. (TAPE)
DARREN FERGUSON: I think a lot of people think we’re down, we’re doomed. With 42 games, we’re two games in, everyone’s panicking. Some of the stuff I’ve heard today, certain media people, and all the rest of it. It’s bizarre really.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: What kind of stuff?
DARREN FERGUSON: Well I’m apparently getting swatted for my substitutions from someone that wasn’t even at the game. The local paper has got Leeds tipped as one of their naps of the week. You know, it’s a little bit doom and gloom, isn’t it. I mean, we’re only two games in. It’s .. everyone needs to relax. But it’ll be remembered.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: Does it surprise you, the reaction, and also the reaction of the fans, the other night? Because there was a bit of booing, wasn’t there?
DARREN FERGUSON: Well I would urge the fans to encourage the players. I tell the players how to play. It’s my responsibility. I’m happy enough to take the plaudits, so I can take the criticism. I have no problem with that. I can handle all that. So if they’re going to criticise anyone, they criticise me. One or two occasions on Tuesday, we were passing it along the back . I tell them how to play it that way, you know. At times they’ve got to make other decisions, especially when we’re behind. Of course they do. But I don’t think … in my time in football, it’s never done anyone any good to boo players. So .. they’re totally entitled to their opinion the fans. They pay their good money to come in. I’m not saying that. But if they want to criticise anyone they can have a go at me.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: Is there a case as well to say that you need to be a bit more composed when you take the lead? Because I know you were disappointed with that, weren’t you, on Tuesday night.
DARREN FERGUSON: Yes. It was a strange sort of .. when we go ahead, generally, 90% of last season, when we went ahead we won games. So it was a bit of a surprise, that, but it sort of put us .. it was like we went behind, really. It sort of put us on the back foot, rather than the front foot. But it wasn’t our best performance, obviously. I gave credit to Millwall, because I thought they played well on the night. I think we need top now move on. It’s gone now. I’m not one for looking back. I’ve got to take the things out of each game. We’ve got to move on. And what better game than Saturday? It’s against Leeds, a full house. It’s one I’m really personally really really looking forward to.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: A good side of course. And a big name, aren’t they, in this Division. Do you expect them to be up there or thereabouts again at the end of the season?
DARREN FERGUSON: I don’t know. Only time will tell./ The one thing you know about Leeds, they’ll work really hard. One thing you know about Neil’s teams, their energy, their effort will be there. So we’ve got to overcome all that, and we’ve got to play our football, far better than the other night.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: I’ve got to ask you about Paul Taylor. He came off on Tuesday night. I know you said it was a tactical substitution, but do you feel that the speculation surrounding him, the uncertainty about his future, is that affecting him a bit?
DARREN FERGUSON: I’ve no idea. I’ve no idea. It was Paul’s decision to turn down the contract, so there’s always going to be speculation. And what comes with that comes with it. You have to deal with it. So I’ve no idea. You’ll have to ask Paul. He’s no different to any other player. I’ve always said that. I made the change which I felt at the time was the right change to make. And after watching the video, it definitely was the right thing to make. But, at the end of the day, I would be totally foolish to think that all my decisions are going to be correct. They’re not going to be. But I felt on Tuesday, especially after watching the game back .. because you do think, did I make it too early, did I change the formation too early. Obviously, going home, you question yourself. Of course you do. But looking back at it, I would have to say that no, the decisions were the correct ones. Not that I really need to explain myself to anyone, but you know, sometimes you do question yourself, is one thing. But on this occasion, that was definitely vindicated. (LIVE)
CHRIS MANN: Darren Ferguson there talking to our Sports Editor Nick Fairbairn, in pretty spirited mood at that press conference, reflecting on the first two League games of the season, and looking ahead to the game against Leeds United on Saturday.