Richard and The Caller

16:43 Thursday 21st July 2011
Afternoon Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

RICHARD: Good afternoon and welcome to (CALLER)
CALLER: Hello Richard.
RICHARD: Hello sir.
CALLER: Richard, yes, I do believe in divine intervention.
CALLER: Eight years ago, almost nine now, my wife was in the (PLACENAME) Hospital, which doesn’t exist now, because we’ve got a new hospital in (PLACENAME).
CALLER: And my eldest son (NAME) was with us, and out middle son (NAME) was with us, and out youngest son (NAME) was with us, who lives in (PLACENAME).
RICHARD: He’s a (OCCUPATION), as a matter of fact. And we were there, and my wife was in there. She developed septicemia …
CALLER: .. in her left leg.
RICHARD: Uh huh.
CALLER: And the surgeon says to us, I shall do my best, but don’t count too many hopes.
CALLER: Very very ill. She made it.
RICHARD: Good. Excellent.
CALLER: And she’s here today.
RICHARD: Excellent. Well there you go. You can’t beat it can you, when it happens like that?
CALLER: No. And could I tell you another thing?
CALLER: Yes. Our eldest son is married to a (NATIONALITY) lady.
CALLER: And she’s a lovely lady. She really is.
CALLER: And she told me right from the start, she said Dad, one God. Your God, my God, same God.
RICHARD: Uh huh.
CALLER: And I believe she’s right.
RICHARD: Oh yes. Well I think .. I think you must .. everybody forms their own opinion about that. I think that .. I used to have a lady. She doesn’t write to me now. She’s probably .. in fact she’s probably passed away now. She was very old at the time. But she used to write me the most beautifully eloquent letters, almost every week. Her name was (NAME). And she always sued to end them by saying, and I think it was Dave Allen who said it before, but it doesn’t matter, she always used to end them by saying, may your God go with you.
CALLER: Absolutely.
RICHARD: And I’ve always thought that was a beautiful way to end a letter, and I was always very moved by it. And if that’s the case for you matey, and if it works for you, then excellent. Well done.
CALLER: Can I tell you something else Richard?
CALLER: We used to live at (PLACE).
CALLER: We don’t live there any more.
RICHARD: Uh huh.
CALLER: Why? Because we’re amongst people that we understand better.
CALLER: We’ve got wonderful neighbours.
CALLER: And they’re always here for us.
RICHARD: Good. Good. You can’t you can’t grumble at that either can you?
CALLER: And that’s better than all the money in the world.
RICHARD: That’s a fact.
CALLER: And also while I’m talking to you, I served in Egypt. I know you served in Aden.
RICHARD: Yes. Yes.
CALLER: Well I served in the Canal Zone.
RICHARD: Oh right.
CALLER: Many years ago. And I proposed marriage by letter. (LAUGHS)
RICHARD: Oh well done. (LAUGHS)
CALLER: And she wrote back and said yes please.
RICHARD: Ah well, you can’t say fairer than that can you.
CALLER: And she’s said, I hope we have a little girl, and she’ll be called (NAME). We didn’t have a little girl, we’ve got three sons.
RICHARD: All right mate. Thank you very much indeed. Bless your heart. And it worked. And I’m quite sure that there are times when these things do work. And who’s to argue with it?