Posh Talk: Bob Burrows and Peter Lloyd

Posh Talk: A live three-way chat between Paul Stainton BBC, Bob Burrows, Commentator, and Peter Lloyd Chairman Posh Supporters Trust, following the win at Watford – broadcast at 08:25am Monday 15th March 2010.

A three-way conversation between The BBC’s Paul Stainton,  Commentator Bob Burrows and Posh Supporters’ Trust Chairman Peter Lloyd following the away win at Watford, broadcast at 08:25 am on Monday 15th March 2010.

Paul: Bob Burrows is here, Posh legend. I think I might have said Posh are still ten points from safety, eight, I meant to say. Speedy in Market Deeping has pulled me up on text Bob. They don’t mess about.
Bob: Oh, well done Speedy. He’s on the ball.
Paul: For a bloke from Market Deeping, he’s pretty quick.
Bob: Well, people hang on every word. And there’s nobody makes more mistakes than myself.
Paul: But it sounded like Posh played well on Saturday.

Bob: They played .. a great effort, Paul. Hard work won that game for Peterborough today .. on Saturday. Great effort. Jim Gannon, he can be very very proud of those players. And even Exodus Geohaghon came on, played just in front of the back four, played very well. Won some good headers, played some nice football, and one pass, was just sheer world class.
Paul: He seems to put square pegs in square holes, Jim Gannon.
Bob: He does, he can do it. He’s the Man.
Paul: Yes. He doesn’t play players out of position. He seems to find a position for a player ..
Bob: He does.
Paul: .. you do your job there. You do your job here. And you do your job there. And ..
Bob: Well organised.
Paul: .. they seem to know what they’re doing.
Bob: And they played that way. Yes they played that way. It was good. It was very very good indeed. Excellent win.
Paul: So today, Darragh MacAnthony Posh Chairman is over, he’s here..
Bob: He is.
Paul: ..  he’s having a chat with Jim the Cannon.
Bob: Yup.
Paul: They need to shake hands. They need to sort it don’t they? We need to keep Jim don’t we?
Bob: Well .. oh desperately, desperately. And I am sure that they will. And I just hope they get the background side of it sorted out.
Paul: <Laughter>
Bob: And I’ll say no more on that.
Paul: No of course.
Bob: And I hope they get it sorted out. And I’m sure that they will. And then look for .. next season we look forward to a great season.
Paul: And straight back up, do you think?
Bob: Well ..
Paul: If we can keep Jim, have we got the quality ..
Bob: We’ll certainly  .. I think we have. No doubt one or two will go. And there’ll be a few more come in. And who knows, but, with the guys we’ve got down there, I am sure that we can. We’ll put up a fight.
Paul: And Darragh MacAnthony by the way will be at Ebenezers on Tuesday night answering your questions. If you’re Posh fans, you can go down there. It’s absolutely free of charge, I think it’s from seven o’clock ..
Bob: No half past five.
Paul: Half past five?
Bob: Half past five, ’till about quarter past seven.
Paul: Right. So get yourself down there after work, if you’ve got any questions for Darragh, find out how the chat went with Jim the Cannon today I suppose.
Bob: It’ll be a big one.
Paul: And talking of big ones, a big day today for Keith Alexander, who sadly died.
Bob: Very very sad. Very very sad indeed. Lee Frecklington went to Moss Rose the home of Macklesfield, on Saturday on behalf of the Club, and laid a wreath, as did Keith Alexander’s other clubs, they were all represented there as well. And I myself have been asked by the Club to represent them at the Lincoln Cathedral. Barry and Darragh, they would have been there, but they’re restricted in the time, and I know it’s sad, and I know people will have a go, but none the more, the Club will be there, and they’ll be there in spirit as well.
Paul: Peter Lloyd is with us as well, he’s the Chairman of the Posh Supporters Trust. Morning Peter.
Peter: Good morning.
Bob: Good morning Peter.
Peter: Good Morning Bob
Paul: And just a word on Keith Alexander, Peter before we move on to other things?
Peter: I think a number of people have said this, but he was a real gentleman, wasn’t he. He had a very good attitude, he was very well liked. And one or two players, talking about how he’d brought them on. Simon Yeo, I don’t know if you remember him, I thought he played pretty well for Posh when he was here.
Paul: Yes.
Peter: He was one of the guys who was saying how much Keith Alexander had done for him. So, very popular with the players, a very nice guy.
Paul: Just going back to the season we’ve had, Peter, how many miles have you travelled this season, until you’ve seen a Posh win away from home?
Peter: I haven’t added it up, but I’ve been all over the place. I don’t mind going down to Plymouth, for the last game of the season, if there’s a chance of doing it. It took me two and a half hours to drive up to Watford from London believe it or not, because we had all sorts of traffic problems  in London. It’s not just distance, it’s time as well.
Paul: Yes. All Posh can do really, is keep winning, isn’t it?
Peter: Yes. A winning habit, Jim Gannon had this amazing run when he was at Stockport, where they won nine games in a row, without conceding a goal. And that was the first thing I noticed about him when he joined Posh. He had this fantastic record.
Paul: And we’re not conceding goals are we?
Peter: I think that’s one of the key things. He saw that right away. Very very important not to concede. And he’s asked the front players to do a heck of a lot of work to help that out. If you don’t concede, and he’s always said that we’ve got one or two players who can score goals at any time. And that’s what you need to do. So we just need to keep winning a few.
Paul: Are you alluding to the fact that we might get out of this?
Peter: Of course. ..
<Background Music starts: The Great Escape>
Peter .. You’ve got to be optimistic.
Paul: <with the music> No way. Surely Not. Let’s bring it back. Bring it back.
Peter: <laughs> I’ve worked it out. You need six wins, and two draws, to get fifty points, and I reckon with fifty points we’ll probably be there. So our record from now to the end of the season would be six wins, two draws, and two losses. But seven wins might .. would also do it of course. That would be an extra point. Do I think it’s going to happen? Most unlikely. But could it? Yes.
Paul: Bob?
Bob: Yeah. One hundred per cent I’m with you Peter.
Paul: <laughs>
Bob: Another one who keeps the faith. Well done Peter.
Paul: Administration for Watford, Sheffield Wednesday and Scunthorpe would be nice though, wouldn’t it? That would sort it out definitely, wouldn’t it?
Bob: I don’t like doing it that way, to be honest. We’ll do it the proper way. We’re capable of doing it.
Paul: <music gets louder>  Come on Peterborough. The escape’s on. Come on Peterborough. Mr Peter Lloyd Chairman of the Posh Supporters Trust, Bob Burrows, your man from Posh, co-commentator with Edwin Overland, thank you Bob.
Bob: You’re welcome Paul.
Paul: Thank you for leaving us on a high this morning.
Bob: Good.