Posh Solid For Six Point Clash

18:19 Friday 2nd November 2012
Drive BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

CHRIS MANN: Peterborough United go in search of their fifth win in seven matches when they travel to Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday. .. After yesterday’s press conference, our Sports Editor Nick Fairbairn started by asking Darren Ferguson about the injuries to Michael Bostwick and George Boyd. (TAPE)
DARREN FERGUSON: Well Boyd and Bostwick are fit. They’ll train this afternoon. Tommy Rowe’s a fifty-fifty.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: Did Mark Little pick up a bit of a knock at the weekend as well? Had a bit of treatment?
DARREN FERGUSON: No no he’s fine. Just trained all week. No problems. It was just Boydie and Bossie. Fortunately I suppose, in a way, we didn’t have a game on Tuesday. They probably would have been doubtful. They missed Monday and Tuesday sessions but they’ll train this afternoon. They’re fine.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: And as you said yesterday, obviously losing Tommy’s a blow, but Kgosi’s really well endeared himself, certainly to the fans recently, with his performances in replacing Tommy.
DARREN FERGUSON: Yes. He’d done well. He’s come through the ranks, has coped very well in a lot of big games this season. The break came at the right time for the boy. Physically and mentally he needed just to freshen up. And he’s come back from that. Obviously, Tommy coming back into the team, and then Tommy got injured. He’s come back in and done really well.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: How does it feel going into this weekend then being one of the form teams in the Championship?
DARREN FERGUSON: Well it was needed to get us out of the bottom three for a start. And I think I said it before to the players, before the Derby game, and I said it after the game to the press, we’re slowly getting there. We’re building bridges as we go along. We’re out of the bottom three. We don’t particularly want to go back into it. It just so happens that we’ve got a game where if we lose we are going to go back into it. So we’ve just got to try and keep consistent. In the six games we’ve won four, lost two. We were unfortunate to lose two, certainly against Watford, and probably at Forest for that matter.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: It’s a busy spell coming up, isn’t it? You’ve got Brighton obviously on Tuesday, then it’s Saturday and Tuesday again. Does that come into your thinking with regards who you pick?
DARREN FERGUSON: No, not really. I feel that unless I see fatigue, and we do enough tests to know the results of that, and whether people are fatigued or not .. I just want to see consistency in performances. And the one’s that are not in the team, I want to see them trying their best to get in the team. So I think there’s good competition for places. I’ve said that over the last few weeks quite a few times now. And it can only be a healthy thing, that.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: Now you said on Saturday you”d tried already to get Saido Berahino here longer than january. Any news on that, or too early?
DARREN FERGUSON: No, I think myself I slightly jumped the gun on that one. We can’t actually do anything until the window opens, so .. we can make inroads into it, and hopefully approach West Brom about extending him. But we can’t actually do that until January. But we’re hopeful we could, and we’re hopeful that West Brom are on board on that one.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: Well he was full of praise for the club, after his two goals last week, which was obviously music to your ears I guess.
DARREN FERGUSON: Yes. When you’re a young player you go out and get games. He said it himself, he’s a Premiership player with a very good club. And they send players out to get games and experience. I think the most important thing probably for Saido is he’s playing, he’s enjoying it, and he’s settled in very well. He’s scoring goals now, so you’d have to ask the question, why would he want to go back, if they don’t ask him, if you know what I mean. So we’re hopeful.
NICK FAIRBAIRN: Good stuff. And he’s clearly made an impact, and just given everyone else a bit of a boost as well. Has he just freshened things up really and given everyone a bit of a lift?
DARREN FERGUSON: I think he’s slightly different to what we’ve got, and he can do most things. He’s intelligent. He’s got good movement. But it’s not all about him. The players now know that they’ve got to get to a level to get into the team, stay in the team, and if they get back in the team and do that then fine, then Saido won’t have to do what they’re doing now. So I’ve got real competition. I’ve got Tyrone Barnett on the bench at the moment, who’s a fantastic player himself, a totally different one to Saido. I’ve got Emile. I’ve got Mendez. I’ve got Tomlin. I’ve got Boydie now playing further forward. I’ve got Saido. So all very good players in their own right. (LIVE)
CHRIS MANN: Darren Ferguson there, talking to Nick Fairbairn at the press conference yesterday ahead of tomorrow’s match against Sheffield Wednesday.