Planned Parenthood And The Benefit Cap

large_family_in_distressed_circumstances[J]EREMY SALLIS: Let’s have a look at what’s happening in the headlines today. And the amount that households can claim in benefit is being capped in four London boroughs as of today. And the change will apply across England Wales and Scotland and here then in Cambridgeshire by September. The cap, which is not yet law in Northern Ireland, is set to reflect the average working household income. .. Those on disability benefits will be exempt from this new cap, along with people in receipt of Working Tax Credits, in a move designed to encourage those affected by the changes to look for a job. Now not a million miles away from this .. could be part of our discussion tomorrow, on our Big Tuesday Debate .. we are asking the question, should you have children if you can’t afford them? If you can’t afford them, should you have them? This sort of comes on the back of a TV show which has been on Channel 4 in the last few weeks called Sixteen Kids and Counting. And it looks at these families, huge families, some of whom are looking after their children .. parents, some of whom are looking after their children, working hard to support them, others. who aren’t working. And they’re asking you the taxpayer to pick up the tab. Now I’d be interested to see your opinions on that. Should your circumstances affect the amount of children you should have? Or should you say, well no, I’m not going to let society dictate how many children I can or can’t have. It isn’t China in which we live in. This is England, and so I want to have them. Or do you think, well no, that’s not fair. If you don’t .. if you can’t afford them, you shouldn’t have them. Your thoughts on tomorrow’s show from three o’clock please, on the Big Tuesday Debate, here on the Jeremy Sallis Show.