Peterborough News 9th November 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 06:00 to 09:00 on Tuesday 9th November 2010.

The rising cost of care for the elderly: BBC examines an example of a traditional family setting where three generations live under the same roof, and families are neighbours.
A senior councillor is concerned that raising the cost of allotments for pensioners by a factor of three will cause many to abandon the activity. He reminds us that Council have often in the past sold off allotments for housing, and wonders how this fits in with Council’s bid to be Environment Capital.
Many will assemble in Sainsburys Car park at 10pm on Friday 12th November to sleep rough in aid of the Peterborough Soup Kitchen. Mayor Keith Sharp is leading the effort.

Police have intensified efforts to prevent an influx of Class A drug dealers into the city.
Soldiers from RAF Wittering are now in Wooton Bassett preparing for the last leg of their endurance march to London in aid of the Poppy Appeal.
The Commons Public Accounts Committee predicts that an insufficient number of carriages will mean that rail passengers will have to continue to stand for large parts of their journey, while fares continue to rise.
There are calls to revive the old Cambridge to Haverhill train line.
It looks very much as though more average speed cameras will be installed on the A14.
Peterborough United have a scheme where fans can trade in old football shirts in exchange for a discount on new kit. The used kit will be bagged up and sent to Africa.
The resident health guru questions the recent fad for statins and believes that healthy eating would be a better solution to the problem of high cholesterol.

Weather: A rather cloudy blustery day with scattered showers perhaps merging into longer spells of rain. 9C 48F.

Chief Inspector Paul Rodgers Cambridgeshire Police.
Toby Earle Sky TV Commentator.
Stephen Goldspink Peterborough City Cllr.
Sgt Lee Hobson RAF Wittering.
Phil Adnam Peterborough United FC.
Michael van Straten Health Guru.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson
Sport: Alex Harris
News: Emma McLean
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: Chris Bell