Peterborough News 8th September 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 07:00 to 09:00 on Wednesday 8th September 2010.

NHS Peterborough’s new Chief Executive is struggling to find the cuts necessary to balance the books and pay off the deficit left to them from the previous management. Waiting lists could rise as a result of targets being scrapped.
Peterborough City Council wants to install a new slogan “Home of Environment Capital” as part of its ongoing branding exercise for the city. They deny paying a consultancy for this slogan. Their previous offering “The Future is You” came in at £70,000.
Stewart Jackson MP is one of the people chosen to meet the Pope when he visits House of Commons on September 17th 2010.

A spokesman for the Greater Peterborough Partnership says Peterborough is tolerant and well placed to retain its social cohesion and harmony if and when austerity strikes the city. They have also come up with a slogan, “Home in the Meadows”.
Social housing repair company Connaught has gone into administration threatening 10,000 jobs and many more subcontracting firms.
Two RAF nurses seconded to RAF Wittering comment on their time spent ministering to injured soldiers in Afghanistan.
Gardening Guru Jeff Stebbings opines on unusually shaped vegetables, poorly performing carrots, and how to get the blue into a blue hydrangea.

Weather: Cloudy but mostly dry at first but with a chance of some showery outbreaks of rain later. 20C 68F.

Nick Sandford LibDem Cllr. Peterborough City Council.
Stewart Jackson MP.
Roy Lilley NHS Expert Commentator.
Samantha Dalton Cabinet Member for Environment Capital Peterborough City Council.
Jawaid Khan Community Cohesion Manager Greater Peterborough Partnership.
Jeff Stebbings Garden Answers Magazine.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Steve Titman
Sport: Peter Swann
News: Emma McLean
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: Emma Sharples
Phones: Kerry Devine