Peterborough News 6th December 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 06:00 to 09:00 on Monday 6th December 2010.

Family Voice in Peterborough helps up to 250 families of children and young people with disabilities or additional needs. They face a probable loss of funding from 2010 and are launching a series of fundraising events, starting on Thursday at the Paul Pry pub in Lincoln Road.
Beat This is a music and arts service for Peterborough and its surrounding areas currently working at the Voyager School and enabling young people to have access to music technology.
Gritting the streets in current weather conditions is a top priority, and Peterborough City Council say they have the job well in hand.

Two people arrested icw a murder in Peterborough thirty years ago have been bailed until March, after the time for questioning them ran out.
A car parts company in Peterborough has been taking calls possibly misrouted from the new Peterborough City Hospital.
Cambridge University scientists say they have made some progress in understanding how to combat damage caused to brain cells from multiple sclerosis and they hope there may come a time when they can offer medication to repair the damage.
The East of England Ambulance Trust express concern about cylinders of laughing gas stolen in Wisbech.
Government is now promising everyone 50mpbs broadband by 2015.
Following a dispute with the sport’s governing body, and after 40 years of competition, Peterborough Panthers Speedway team finds themselves without a decent league to ride in next year.

Weather: A misty, frosty and in some places foggy start, but becoming brighter with some hazy sunshine. Mainly dry for the rest of the day. 3C 37F. Tonight: dry with clear spells leading to a sharp frost, icy roads and perhaps some freezing fog patches. -5C 23F.

Andy Tatt Peterborough City Council.
Phil Wing Owner Peterborough Phantoms.
Mick Bratley ex-Boss Peterborough Panthers.
Louise Ravenscroft Family Voice.
Wendy Hepton Family Voice.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson
Sport: Peter Swann
News: Suzi Roberts
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: John Law

Note: a lightweight show padded out with last week’s news, sport and national issues, resulting in a shortage of live interviewees. The lack of preparation was probably aggravated by the fact that the award-winning presenter was apparently sent home for a week due to unspecified issues.