Peterborough News 4th August 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 07:00 to 09:00 on Wednesday 4th August 2010.

Discussion rumbles on about the planned closure of the Alma Road surgery in Millfield. Council sends back the NHS consultation document with a request for more detail and further recommendations.
Vivacity confirms that free swimming for pensioners and children will not be returning.
SAT’s results slip a percentage point or two locally but meaningful comparisons are impossible due to the boycott which took place this year.

Local farmers allay fears about the existence of cloned dairy products in the system but bemoan the insidious influence of supermarkets on farming practices.
Following Stewart Jackson’s attempts to brand benefit claimants as layabouts Shailesh Vara MP and a local GP point out that the vast majority of incapacity claimants are genuinely in need.
A Kings Fund report says that it is a pity that GPs no longer have the involvement in maternity care they used to have.
Kelloggs make a token 15% reduction in the amount of sugar in one of their breakfast cereals, while the resident health guru points out that factory foods are a poor substitute for simple meals produced from basic ingredients.
Fire crews extinguished a verge fire on the A15 near Godmanchester yesterday.
Lloyds bank have moved into profit by making cuts and increasing their margins which ought to be good news for the taxpayer, but they still have some way to go.
The resident gardening guru gives some timely advice on propagation and on the natural ripening process for fruit.

Some early mist giving way to sunny spells before cloud increases through the afternoon. Perhaps an isolated shower. Temp: 22C 72F.

John Richards Executive Director of Children’s Services Peterborough City Council.
Nick Sandford LibDem Cllr. Peterborough City Council.
John Marsden Head of Sport and Leisure Vivacity.
Paul Whiteside Director for Strategic Change NHS Peterborough.
Shailesh Vara MP.
Dr Koneru Prasad Westwood Clinic.
Linda Sewell Cattle Farmer Brampton.
Judith Jacobs Cattle Farmer Newborough
Michael van Straten Health Guru.
Jeff Stebbings Garden Answers Magazine.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Steve Titman
Sport: Nick Fairburn
News: Suzi Roberts
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: John Gray
Phones: Kerry Devine