Peterborough News 28th October 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 06:00 to 09:00 on Thursday 28th October 2010.

The Site Allocation Document for Peterborough has had its final discussion and will now go to Full Cabinet in December. Eye residents say they want no further housebuilding as services are oversubscribed. Some question why massive development plans are concentrated to the South and East of the city. Cllr. Charles Swift points out that there are 1500 acres available near Castor.
Voices are joined in condemning the state of the Lincoln Road Triangle area, with the dumping of asbestos, crime, reckless driving and prostitution being the main areas of complaint. Council are taking too long to deal with the issues as they arise.
Eastern Angles are touring a play called Lincoln Road, which aims to celebrate the diversity of the area.

Peterborough City Hospital has taken delivery of two new radiotherapy machines, which should help to avoid unnecessary travelling for patients.
Augean are appealing against local refusal to have radioactive waste dumped near the village of Kingscliffe, and interested parties are invited to view the situation at the Holiday Inn Corby from October 26th for four weeks.
A Peterborough woman has been Crasbo-ed for playing Cheryl Cole music over and over at full volume.
A Peterborough shop, SPROGS of Bretton, had the privilege of being used in the BBC show Apprentice.
The British Library is compiling a sound survey of British pronounciation.
Cambridgeshire farmers ask people not to use Chinese lanterns as they present a hazard to wildlife and the environment.

Weather: Rather cloudy at times, especially this morning, with some early patchy rain in some places. Otherwise it will be a mostly dry day with some sunny spells. 15C 59F.

Gemma Wildman Planning Officer Peterborough City Council.
Lord Kenneth Montgomery-Moore and Brian Gascoyne Millfield and New England Regeneration Partnership.
Charles Swift Peterborough City Cllr.
Kanchan Rege Lead Clinician Peterborough City Hospital.
Roger Walsh British Library.
Chris Lucas WasteWatchers.
Christine Graham Manager Safer Peterborough Partnership.
Naveed Khan and Theo Devaney Eastern Angles.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson
Sport: Peter Swann
News: Suzie Roberts
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: Emma Sharples

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  1. It was a joy and opportunity to be asked to share my views on the current state that New England and Millfield is left in by our City Council and those organisations which has the power and ability to chjange and clean up these areas in order to improve the way of life for residents and businesses alike.. However the following day after the BBC Radio Broadcast I recieved a call from Cate Harding (Neighbourhood Managering Officer) explain that the City Council is now looking into locating the owners of siad land and will be sorting out the clean-up.. I explained to Cate Harding why I firstly gave up my position as representative in Streetleaders, Neighbourhood Watch and Community Crime Fighters on the grounds of these organisations are suffering the lack of devotion, lack of support for those who volunteer their time and services and reminded Cate that for these groups to regain trust from us the community – they must revamp their plan of action, take on these issues as priority issues and spend the moneys funded by the government WHERE IT IS NEEDED.. As I found, these groups are important and needs the volunteers in order to make it work 110% otherwise it is a complete waste of time, money and energy.. It has taken me 2 1/2 years saying the very same thing with NO prevail.. Hopefully now, with it going to the media and to the Full Cabinet in December 2010, that the fire is lite and we the public and the cause for our involvement will be looked at more seriously – most of all – our city will be cleaned and policed in the way we pay for with the money and taxes we fork out.. Just wait and see.. Faithfully Yours, Lord Kenneth T. Montgomery-Moore

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