Peterborough News 1st November 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 06:00 to 09:00 on Monday 1st November 2010.

Peterborough City Council set out to defend their new and unpopular budget proposals.
The local TUC Chair expresses his concern at budget cuts which affect staff and vulnerable service users.
The local MP attacks funding for translation services and the provision of trade union facilities for staff.

Much of the programme is best forgotten. Dominated by mechanical failures, and at one point a heated exchange between staff over the name of a Sun newspaper Page 3 girl, neither of the two opposition parties on the Council were able to contact the studio to put their viewpoints. Due to this imbalance, no further reference will be made to arguments for and against the budget proposals.
Council is undertaking a renaming exercise in Fletton and Stanground wards as follows:
Fletton to become Fletton & Woodston.
Stanground Central to become Stanground and Fletton East.

A ten-man Peterborough United conceded two penalties in a 3-0 drubbing at home by leaders Brighton. Manager Gary Johnson is giving some thought to the best way forward.

Weather: Mostly cloudy with the chance of some drizzly rain at first, but mainly dry with some bright spells developing. 13C 55F.

John Harrison Director of Strategic Resources Peterborough City Council.
John Graves Chair Peterborough Trades Union Council.
Stewart Jackson Conservative MP.
Matthew Lee Conservative Cllr. and Deputy Leader Peterborough City Council.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson
Sport: Peter Swann
News: Emma McLean
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: John Law