Peterborough News 1st December 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 06:00 to 09:00 on Wednesday 1st December 2010.

In the case of a Wisbech man found deceased, the key to identification seems to be a crude scorpion tattoo with no tail and four legs and the fact that the tip of a little finger is missing.
No rest for the wicked: a Peterborough crime from 31 years ago has been reinvestigated and a man from Fareham has been arrested. A local forensic scientist comments on recent advances.
The Chair of the Cambridgeshire Police Authority wonders how a proposed change in local control of policing will work, if one highly paid individual takes over the work of the 17-strong Police Authority.

A Hampton family are hoping to raise the balance of the cost of an operation that their son had in America, which was highly succesful in alleviating the symptons of his cerebral palsy. They have half of the forty thousand they need, with the help of fundraising by Hampton Vale School and others, but still need to find the balance of £20,000.
The problems suffered by the Peterborough/Spalding by-pass: investigation is almost complete into the cracks that have appeared in the road surface, but realistically until the cold weather abates it will not be feasible to start on the remediation. A June completion is a strong possibility, which will mean the opening will be almost a year late.
According to Eric Pickles the time may be right for local authorities to start dipping into their financial reserves, which are held for a time just such as this, when money is tight.
VAT goes up to 20% on January 4th, but not all goods are affected, and indeed some people are not even aware of the upcoming rise.
A Facebook campaign is underway to save the Peterborough Panthers and Coventry Bees speedway teams, who have both left the Elite League over costs and untimely rule changes. The lower Premier League may already be full for next season.
Former Yeovil man and current Posh player Arron Davies says his old team could be a right handful when Peterborough United travel there on Saturday.
The Gardening Guru says there’s not a lot you can do in this weather and the garden is best left alone.

Weather: A frosty start, but mainly dry with sunny spells. 3C.

Chris Simpson Coventry Bees Speedway Fan.
Angela Cunningham Peterborough Panthers Speedway Fan.
Adrian Paice Father of Daniel Paice and Fundraiser.
Alison Fenley Forensic Scientist.
Lee Rowley Project Director Lincolnshire County Council.
Ruth Rodgers Chair Cambridgeshire Police Authority.
Geoff Stebbings Garden Answers magazine.

Presenter: Shane O’Connor
Prodeucer: Samantha Dalton
Sport: Peter Swann
News: Jo Taylor
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: Jim Bacon