Peterborough News 16th December 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 06:00 to 09:00 on Thursday 16th December 2010.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson says that yesterday’s woeful SATs results for Peterborough, with so many schools failing to meet the required standard, probably indicate a systemic failure within the Education Department at Peterborough City Council. Leader Marco Cereste blames the influx of immigrants, and says that new initiatives are in hand to rectify the problem.

Councillors from two of the Neighbourhood Council areas say that the Council Leader’s initiative is failing and that residents have minimal interest and no faith in Council’s willingness to devolve powers. Leader Marco Cereste rejects the argument, reports that in his area as many as 15 or even 20 people turn up to meetings, and says that one or both of the councillors raising the issue may have a personal axe to grind.

Yaxley Parish Council is fighting to save the Community Shop and prevent the reorganisation of the library. They suggest that the desired savings could be made by amalgamating the service.

The Chief Executive of Huntingdonshire District Council is taking his £130,000 golden handshake along with two other execs in order to save the authority £300,000 a year. In a fesity interview he defended his position and slammed the pay of BBC employees. Meanwhile Hunts DC could well scrap CCTV as well in order to accommodate Govt budget cuts.
Down on the guided busway contractors are testing the track, and pedestrians and cyclist who have gotten into the habit of taking the air down there are reminded to watch out for high speed traffic.
The Blood Transfusion Service would like some more blood especially O negative so ring 0300 1232323 if you have some blood to spare which we all do apparently.
Australian Panthers rider and cricket fan Rory Schlein laments his team’s dismal performance against the plucky Poms.

Weather: Cold and wet with worse to come. Freezing conditions on the way. But mustn’t grumble. 6C max today.

Stewart Jackson MP.
Stephen Goldspink Peterborough City Councillor.
Rory Schlein Peterborough Panthers.
Mark Oliver Yaxley Parish Cllr.
Derek Carr Blood Transfusion Service.
David Monks Hunts DC Retiring CE.
Marco Cereste Leader Peterborough City Council.
Gennaro Castaldo HMV.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson (?)
Sport: Kate Riley
News: Samantha Dalton
Travel: Justin Peterson
Weather: Jo Osborne

1 thought on “Peterborough News 16th December 2010”

  1. I’m not a councillor, I have no axe to grind, I’ve always been in favour of Neighbourhood Councils.
    The two councillors are however correct, for Marco to make personal comments is at best disingenuous, at worst…..

    I attend the same meetings as Marco, as a mathematician my grasp of numbers is, as would be expected, far better than his would appear to be from his comment.

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