Peterborough News 12th August 2010

A summary of the Peterborough Breakfast Show from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire broadcast from 07:00 to 09:00 on Thursday 12th August 2010.

Traders who are adversely affected by the refurbishments in St John’s Square are disappointed to learn that construction work could linger on into November. They say a rate rebate is essential in the interests of fairness.
In the light of recent perceived failings at the NHS¬†Walk In Centre, which is effectively a triage service, councillors repeat their objection to the closure of the Alma Road out-of-hours doctors’ surgery.
The Italian community is determined to replace their church in Fletton, recently closed without warning by the owners the Scalabrini Fathers.

Officials from Peterborough Cathedral hope they can persuade the London Organising Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to have the Olympic Torch carried through Peterborough.
Objectors to a sex shop in Sawtry have raised a petition with 300 signatures. They believe that a district-wide limit should be set on the number of similar establishments in this area.
Once again rumours are scotched that a network of secret tunnels exists radiating from Peterborough Cathedral to as far away as Crowland Abbey.
Training is in progress for the Great Eastern Run due to take place on 10/10/2010.

A few bright or sunny intervals at first, but soon clouding over with widespread showers, some becoming heavy this afternoon. 19C 66F.

Darren Fower Leader LibDems Peterborough City Council.
James Hawkes Sawtry Petition Organiser.
Keith Walters ex-Leader Cambridgeshire County Council.
John Peach Peterborough City Cllr.
Sarah McGhie Development Officer Peterborough Cathedral.
Andrew Edwards Project Manager Peterborough City Council.
Marco Cereste Chairman Peterborough Italian Community
Stewart Orme Peterborough Museum.

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Steve Titman
Sport: Steve Fakes
News: Andy Burrows
Travel: Gemma King
Weather: Jim Bacon
Phones: Kerry Devine