Peterborough Hospital Aftercare Neglect Claims

08:15 Wednesday 12th January 2011
Peterborough Breakfast Show BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

PAUL STAINTON: A Peterborough councillor has slammed health care officials over the quality of aftercare given to some patients in this city. Charles Swift who represents the North Ward was contacted by residents who say they’ve not been given a proper care plan. One of those is 40 year old Yona Kroft who returned from her stay at hospital to find an eviction notice on her house. Our reporter Kerry Devine went to meet Charlie Swift who says it’s unacceptable. (TAPE)
CHARLIE SWIFT: It’s inexcusable for anybody whoever they may be for anybody to be discharged into the community without what I call a care package or a follow-up. And this lady that we’ve been talking about, she’s one of several over the last few weeks, that have been discharged from hospital without any follow-up or without anybody with the knowledge of actually where they’re going. And there’s no point about it, the distressing condition that I found this individual in has upset me tremendously.
KERRY DEVINE: So I’m stood outside Yona’s house. I’m just going to go in and meet her.
YONA: My name’s Yona. Just discharged from hospital straight to this property. It’s cold and empty, to be on my own, after being on a ward, seeing people.
KERRY DEVINE: What would you expect to have when you were discharged?
YONA: A care package of beings around? from the health service to help look after us fairly disabled being which hasn’t happened which hasn’t been in place until last week when I was offered a social worker.
KERRY DEVINE: Because we’re in your house now. It’s really cold.
YONA: I’ve got a fan heater there that I put on. I’m quite snug in my sleeping bag. Although it might look a bit tatty, and my tastes are a little nicer and would like it cosier, but I’m not physically able to decorate, to move furniture, to go shopping and this sort of thing. A care plan has been put in situ when I was discharged with a social worker, who has just started to help me make a care package.
KERRY DEVINE: And is it going well?
YONA: It’s looking better than it has in a very long time.
KERRY DEVINE: And we are here now at Yona’s property. How would you describe her living conditions?
CHARLES SWIFT: Well her living conditions are absolutely appalling. The Steptoes, the film, is a palace to what it is. But the whole point about it is that it’s going to get worse. Because nobody with a grain of common sense can say to me that Peterborough City Council can delete £2.4 million out of the adult social care, and the mental health budget, without it having an effect. All these cuts that we’re getting, and the Government is saying will not affect frontline services, well you’ve seen and witnessed yourself first hand, talked to the persons concerned, that these do affect the people. It’s all wrong. There’s been a very very bad slip up here. (LIVE)
PAUL STAINTON: Charlie Swift ending that report from Miss Kerry Devine. A spokesman for Peterborough City Council says “the Budget proposals aim to protect frontline adult social care services as much as possible. We must ensure that we invest in services which we know are good value for money for the local taxpayer, and due to confidentiality, we are unable to go into the details of this particular case, but Miss Kroft has been visited by a social worker, and Peterborough City Council plus NHS Peterborough Community Services are looking at her future care needs.”