A Rose by Any Other Name

the roseThis is a welcome opportunity to clear up a mystery surrounding the Peterborough Development Partnership. It was pointed out here that despite the fact that they were deeply involved in developing the Peterborough District Hospital site, there seems to be little trace of them out there on the Internet.

After some rummaging around, it became clear that Council often referred to this vehicle as the Peterborough Delivery Partnership. In fact, in one document, they swap names in adjacent paragraphs:

“Savings in cost of Peterborough Delivery Partnership (PDP)
Current budget = £1.3m
The Peterborough Development Partnership was set up by the council to deliver schemes and
projects in the city associated with the growth agenda.”


This document contains useful information in itself, since now we know that they are costing £1.3 million a year, and further reading in that document reveals that they are only too willing to help out with the austerity, cutting next year’s budget by  £22K to a mere £1.278 million. So the best way to find out about the Peterborough Development Partnership is to Google “Peterborough Delivery Partnership”. Simple.

In fact there’s a large pdf here which reveals that PDP features names such as Andrew Edwards, Ben Ticehurst, Keith Bayliss and David Taylor which is handy to know.

Tha fact is that if Council weren’t so cryptic and secretive, people would get behind them. There’s a jolly pleasant brochure here which outlines some of the real achievements completed in Peterborough. People want to love them, but it’s hard, so very hard.

BREAKING NEWS: It has come to light that the Head of Peterborough Development Partnership/Peterborough Delivery Partnership is none other than The Leader of Peterborough City Council Marco Cereste. On the other hand. elsewhere, Andrew Edwards is described as the Head. There must be some sort of Constitution out there, a definitive document saying what’s what. I suppose that means more rummaging.

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  1. I also suggest you try and find the governing documents (if any exist) for The Green Backyard, and ‘Seeding Futures’, the ‘social enterprise that administers it.

    Mr Bayliss has been instrumental in the deal securing the land for this project.

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