Peterborough Council Management Numbers Rise as Worker Numbers Fall

Here’s the text: “Peterborough is growing fast. The vibrant city centre is bustling with shops and restaurants and the city is surrounded by green open spaces and sites of archaeological interest. With thousands of new homes being built, the plans for the future are exciting and dynamic. Peterborough City Council’s new Strategic Client Service is the council’s front line for dealing with companies responsible for delivering key services to our communities. Services such as refuse collection, culture and leisure and back office functions such as IT, finance and HR. We’re looking for four exceptional people who are not daunted by change and pace; who are happy liaising with local service managers and senior directors at a national level. You will also look after pivotal projects such as Waste 2020 and Superfast Broadband. Working together with partners such as Serco, Vivacity and Enterprise – these are local roles working with national companies.
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Peterborough Council has outsourced almost all of its functions without reducing the number of head honchos running the departments. Now it seems they need another four people at £50K each to do business with the companies they sold off the functions to.

They are obsessed with aggrandisement, puffing up like turkey cocks.