Another Well-Deserved Pop at the Council

Local resident Phil Pumphrey has written a tremendously entertaining letter to the Peterborough Evening Telegraph concerning their “plans” to install allotments down at the bottom of Thorpe Lea Road.
One correction is due: the allotment land in Netherton which he says is used for housing is in fact still empty despite the allotment holders being kicked out over a year ago.

Phil Pumphrey’s Letter

A further note: it would not be worth troubling to log in and add a comment on that site as their comment system is still switched off as of 21:00 on 8th December, 36 hours now. The ET haven’t got round to notifying their readers yet. This must surely now be a lockdown in preparation for a shattering announcement of some sort. Or it’s broken.

Final note: 23:00 update plucky posters have broken through on the ET website and fresh comments are now piling up. Well done all!