Peterborough abandons costly solar farm ventures

leader_marco_cereste17:30 Friday 13th February 2015
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

WILL FYFE: In the last half an hour, Peterborough City Council have announced they’re dropping plans for two proposed solar farms. The sites at Newborough and Morris Fen will no longer be considered, but they do want to do more research on a site at America Farm.


1 thought on “Peterborough abandons costly solar farm ventures”

  1. The story as presented in the news clip is misleading. The important element is contained in the lines; “more research on a site at America farm”.
    Peterborough Telegraph has more details on the background to this. Their stories introduce for the first time Marco Cereste’s private company Green Energy Parks, which intends to build a second incinerator at Fengate, provided they can ensure a grid connection and favourable tariffs. The presence of an intermittent solar output would enhance their case for waste burning.

    City Council may go ahead with solar farm plan”

    Council to investigate Peterborough solar farm project.


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