Peter Boizot on the Broadway Theatre Sale

07:08 Wednesday 14th September 2011
Peterborough Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

ANDY GALL: The future of the Broadway Theatre is once again in disarray. The owner of the theatre, Rinaldo Fasulo, has put the venue up for sale for £6 million, and has told ticket holders not to turn up for future shows. It comes after a series of problems which culminated in the company running operations, Stage Live, owing the owner £100,000. It’s not the first time the Broadway has closed its doors, and our reporter Emily Ball has been asking if the venue can be a success. (TAPE)
EMILY BALL: As the Broadway goes up for sale yet again, a previous owner has been telling us he doesn’t know why it hasn’t been successful in the least few years. Peter Boizot renovated the building in the mid-90’s. I asked him if it was a difficult business to run.
PETER BOIZOT: Well it seems to be. I’m just surprised that in recent years, they haven’t been able to make a success of it. Because in the Peterborough area, there are a lot of people who I would have thought would like to go to see a good theatrical show.
EMILY BALL: Do you think it was a case of maybe poor management, it wasn’t the theatre’s fault?
PETER BOIZOT: Well I think it must be. I’m sorry to say, but it must be a case of poor management, who don’t really know how to put on good theatre. Mr Fasulo seems to be asking quite a lot of money for it. But that shouldn’t stop somebody putting on some shows.
EMILY BALL: Do you think it is a good investment?
PETER BOIZOT: I would have thought so, if they’re interested in theatre. I think you’ve got to be interested a little bit in putting on a show. But I would have thought you could get your money back. Put out some good publicity, some good advertising. Get some top shows, some top artists down here. That’s important. And let it be known in the area round about Peterborough. Because I think we do tend to be a little bit closed in. Hopefully we’ll get somebody coming along who will have a go. I just wish them luck. And I think if they were to open up in Peterborough,. and get some good shows, I would make every effort to find a young lady like yourself, and take her along. (LIVE)
ANDY GALL: There we are. Copper bottomed journalism to the very end there.