Was Benjamin Barber Right?

“Come the civic revolution, all eyes will be on Peterborough.”

Benjamin Barber said that in 2008 working for a group calling themselves Perception Peterborough.

Regeneration Peterborough
Guardian 8.10.2008

” Perception Peterborough is a partnership initiative between regional and local agencies and authorities across economic and cultural development. International top-level creative practitioners and cultural leaders will join key stakeholders to envision the creative potential of Peterborough’s growth over the next 15 to 20 years. The interdisciplinary collaborative work will culminate in an exciting event that communicates the future key principles and vision of Peterborough as ‘Environmental Capital’ that will attract national policy, delivery agencies and private sector partners.”

As stated in a document relating to the purchase of general management consulting services dated 23 January 2008.

Is this connected in some way with Citizen Power Peterborough?

Intitiatives come in thick and fast. Who are we to judge out betters?