No News Is Good News – Cambs Agog On A14 Upgrade

elijah_cox17:19 Wednesday 26th June 2013
Drive BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

JULIAN HUPPERT: I think it’s a nationally important road, and it should be funded nationally, because it’s national taxes that will benefit. I don’t think a toll is the right thing to do. We’ll hear tomorrow about the tolling.
CHRIS MANN: Is that a hint that it might not happen?
JULIAN HUPPERT: And and and I think we will have to ..
CHRIS MANN: Oh. It is a hint that it’s not happening.
JULIAN HUPPERT: Wait and see what happens tomorrow.
CHRIS MANN: Ok. Are you in the know Julian?

CHRIS MANN: Just briefly, what are we going to hear tomorrow on the A14? What do you want to hear Julian Huppert?
JULIAN HUPPERT: I want to hear that there will be national funding for a scheme to deal with the huge problems we’ve had for that A14, and that there’ll be some protection for the roads in Cambridge that they don’t get gridlocked.
CHRIS MANN: Daniel Zeichner. What do you want to hear?
DANIEL ZEICHNER: I want to see the A14 at the top of the priority list. And I’d agree with that.
CHRIS MANN: John Bridge?
JOHN BRIDGE: I want absolute certainty that it’s going to happen. The Government is very good at all the announcements around the road programmes, and potential funding for them, but they’re not very good on the delivery. And what we want is absolute certainty that they are going to go ahead and deliver that road. But let’s not forget, we haven’t got a scheme. It’s got to go through public inquiries, and all kinds of things over the next few years. So we have a real problem on our hands. But what we need is absolute certainty that no-one’s going to take the money away again in the future.