NHS Peterborough Statement

NHS Peterborough have announced a full-scale review of all urgent care services, which will imapct on the current review of the Alma Road Surgery. Here is statement from them read out by Paul Stainton just before the 08:30 news on Wednesday September 29th 2010 in the Peterborough Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.


PS: We did invite NHS Peterborough on to discuss the review. Instead, Dr Paul Zollinger-Read Chief Executive of NHS Peterborough sent us this statement. I’ve been in post for just over a month and have heard the concerns about proposed changes and have taken these on board. This isn’t about making savings, but about making services more efficient and easier for people to access and navigate. We will now start to review all of our urgent care services and how we make the whole system more accessible, looking not just at Alma Road, but at all urgent care services such as GPs, A&E, and out-of-hours services. In regard to Parnwell, for our patients at Parnwell we will continue to listen to their views whilst we look at the longer term options we can put in place.