New Listener Search Phrases

These are some of the external search engine search phrases that sent visitors to this site during the last four days. The names of local personalities have been removed:

frank gillard awards 2010
gillard awards 2010
alma road surgery peterborough
social impact bonds peterborough
liz green gillard awards
peterborough olympic torch
amazon peterborough
evening telegraph 5th november
hinchingbrooke hospital
weather report peterborough 13th october 2010
evening telegraph peterborough 04th nov 2010
(name) carter jonas
pantomime in peterborough 2010
can police officers be made redundant
nobby the tramp
is primark comming to peterborough
fletton peterborough how safe to live there?
peterborough citizens advice bureau (name)
shopping cardea stanground
environment agency cuts
hamilton keyes
debenhams depot peterborough
4th november peterborough evening telegraph
absenteeism elections 2010
opportunity peterborough funding
can you make a police officer redundant
hinchingbrooke hospital deal
treeva fenwick tesco
peterborough payment by results pilot – offenders
(name) peterborough city council (many of these)
councillor (name) peterborough (several of these)
hinchbrroke & peterborough
(name) pizza express
lord de ramsay
amazon peterborough jobs
peterborough radio station (name)
peterborough news 28th october 2010
peterborough war memorial 2010
accounts deeping raft race ltd
peterborough evening telegraph monday 8th november
come dine with peterborough
sing for heroes peterborough
gillard awards 2010 liz green
firstcare nhs
benefits of short sentenced prisoners
is (name) a geek
pantomime peterborough 2010
the royal british legion peterborough
peterborough renewable energy ltd begins
bbc anglia news multi vehicle crash
2010 gillard awards
peterborough council chief executive email
peterborough city christmas lights
peterborough city council cuts
(name) peterborough (multiple)
(name) peterborough city council previous career
lord john de ramsey (regional celebrity rather than local personality?)
a morrisons store in stanground where?
intricate bbc
nobby the trampo
what is going to happen to the environment agency
peterborough pantomime 2010
davis aircraft restorations
(name) business club peterborough
christmas lights turned on peterborough 2010
aircraft restoration company
do councils have to supply water on allotments
evening telegraph peterborough nov 4th 2010 job losses factory orton s…
crown pub lincoln road
treeva fenwick spokesperson for tesco
decline of local radio
frank gillard award 2010
what happened to the bbc show come dine with me?
why people want work for stagecoach?
what use is a deputy chief executive
amazon warehouse peterborough
what happened to nobby peterborough tramp 2010
(name) stanground
councilor (name) peterbough radio (several)
the citizen – peterborough – thursday 28th october
the three horseshoes abbots ripton rebuilding
ferry meadows 5th november 2010 peterborough
christmas jobs peterborough
peterborough evening telegraph 2nd november
peterborough evening telegraph friday 22cnd october 2010 front page
weather in peterborough tuesday 9th
kings school peterborough
amazon in peterborough
spitfire wreck
peterborough neighbourhood council
social impact bond peterborough
cola boy peterborough
(name) editor
fulbridge primary school in peterborough immigrants
model wanted peterborough
chief inspector (name)
new listener
paul stainton gillard (obviously)
1st nov the sun news
can crown servant be made redundant
sarah radio peterborough
when are the xmas lights getting turned on in peterborough city center
peterborough evening telegraph friday 22cnd october 2010
evening telegraph peterborough friday 5 nov
squadron leader (name)
job share chief executive
legal services peterborough city council
radical cars
goldhay arts website peterborough cambs
scrabble marathon peterborough
eeda cuts
hinchingbrooke hospital bids
amazon vacancies peterborough
nhs peterborough
peterborough veterans association
cambridgeshire police helicopter
can crown servants be made redundant
job director of communications
(name) website
actual weather in peterborough july 2010

There also many more that just ask for people’s names.

This is what people are looking for apparently.
Is this a breach of trust between visitor and site? I don’t know. I hope not. It’s not intended to be. The logs do not indicate who made the requests.
It holds up a mirror. People might find it interesting.