Mike Greene Outspoken On Peterborough Council “Dictatorship”

mike_greene07:07 Thursday 6th June 2013
Bigger Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridge

PAUL STAINTON: Let’s start with that thorny issue of solar panels and wind farms. Around 150 people turned up at a meeting last night to fight plans for this renewable energy park that’s been proposed for prime farmland around Peterborough. The Council want to convert 900 acres of land into solar and wind farms they claim will generate millions of pounds in profits which will benefit everyone in Peterborough. But locals are not happy. Earlier I spoke to the man who chaired last night’s meeting, businessman Mike Greene. (TAPE)
MIKE GREENE: The economics don’t stack up already. The archeology doesn’t stack up. And the Grade 1 and 2 agricultural land would be such a loss. How can they sleep well in their beds at night, knowing that they’re closing care homes, that they’re stopping meals on wheels, and care home assistant’s monthly wages is less than one meeting with this barrister? They’re destroying the care of this city, and then they come up with barmy ideas like putting a roof on a swimming pool. They just don’t have their priorities right, and they just don’t seem to understand finance, and they certainly don’t seem to understand the difference between public money .. they’re like a dictatorship. It feels to me like it’s just personal egos that drive a lot of this. (LIVE)
PAUL STAINTON: Well that was Secret Millionaire Mike Greene, local businessman from Newborough. He chaired that meeting last night.