Local Businesses Turn Against Tories

08:35 Tuesday 24th April 2012
Peterborough Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

PAUL STAINTON: Well as we’ve been talking about all morning, the Prime Minister’s been forced to dismiss fierce criticism from a Conservative MP that he’s out of touch. Nadine Dorries said the Prime Minister and the Chancellor George Osborne were two arrogant, posh boys, who have no passion to understand how people live their lives. Well earlier we heard from a Tory potential candidate in Huntingdon, who rejected it, and said she was absolutely ridiculous to be saying that during an election. Well Dilys from Sawtry, morning.
PAUL STAINTON: You’re right with Nadine, aren’t you?
DILYS MARVIN: I congratulate her on speaking out. It’s time someone did. I wrote to David Cameron on this very subject about a year ago, and I said to him you keep saying Mr Cameron we need loans. I said we don’t want loans, we have to pay them back with interest. And that’s ridiculous, if we haven’t got the customers that you’re denying us because you’re putting them all out of business, you’re making them lose their jobs. And I’ve got hundreds of customers who’ve just done that. And they’re not only victimising my customers, they’re victimising the pets as well. Because the pets are going to Wood Green, and they’re going to these rescue centres, because they can’t afford to look after them.
PAUL STAINTON: You own a cattery Dilys, don’t you?
PAUL STAINTON: Yes. So you’re finding it tough.
DILYS MARVIN: I’m finding it very tough:
PAUL STAINTON: What was the response from David Cameron? Did he listen to you?
DILYS MARVIN: Well he wrote back and said that he’d read my letter, and that he would take a note. But that’s as far as it ever went.
PAUL STAINTON: What do you think then? Do you think they are just posh boys that don’t listen to the everyday problems?
DILYS MARVIN: I think that they live a different life. They certainly do. I went to a public school, but my home life was very different. And I lived in the real world when I was at home. These public schools, they distance you from reality.
PAUL STAINTON: Dilys, thank you for your comments this morning. Appreciate that. Dilys in Sawtry runs a cattery. Right behind Nadine Dorries. They live different lives.