Labour in Peterborough

17:13 Friday 29th May 2015
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

CHRIS MANN: I know that you’re the Deputy Leader of the Labour Group on Peterborough City Council. A bit of an embarrassment the other night, where you didn’t tell a candidate going forward to be Leader on the Council. What happened?

LISA FORBES: Well it was a difficult night to be fair. What happened was after the local elections we nominate officers for the posts. And we’ve got quite a few new officers in place. And it’s a short time between the actual elections, our Group meeting to nominate officers for the future, and than the Full Council meeting. It all happened within a week. So we didn’t have very long to sort of communicate with each other what was happening. And we also knew, which is what the Leader Jamil said, was we knew that we didn’t have the numbers on the night either. Quite a few of the opposition councillors, the independents, were saying what a great job councillor Holdich would do. So we weren’t going to win the vote. We knew that.
CHRIS MANN: But still, it all seems a bit of a mess. And folk might say, well if that’s what you’re like in opposition, heaven only knows what you’d get up to if you actually won power. Not a great night.
LISA FORBES: Well we’re twelve councillors at the moment. So I think the Tories are double the numbers that we’ve got. So whilst it would be nice to put forward a Labour councillor to become Leader of the Council, we knew that we would struggle to get the numbers.