Tk-Maxx Jobs – The Final Figure

Tk_Maxx opens today on Bridge Street, at 9pm Thursday 26th May 2011, after being given £750,000 by Peterborough City Council to encourage them to come to Peterborough.
Here are some job forecasts for the store, together with the final figure for jobs created..

2.11.2010 … 100 Jobs
MAJOR high street retailer, TK Maxx has announced that it will move into the empty Woolworths building in Peterborough.
The discount designer store revealed today its plans to give the Bridge Street unit, which has been unused for nearly two years, a new lease of life in a move that will bring at least 100 jobs to the city.
Peterborough Evening Telegraph

26.5.2010 … 50 jobs
T K Maxx is opening a 24,000sq ft store, with 50 new jobs and as far as I can see, heralding the start of the climb back up the groovy city centre list for Peterborough. Its arrival should make our city centre look more attractive for other newcomers and fill some vacant stores.
Peterborough Evening Telegraph

20.5.2011 … 44 jobs
However, the store will not only bring a wealth of fashion to the city, it is also bringing a host of new jobs.
TK Maxx has employed 32 full-time workers and a further 12 temporary staff, including the new manager, Madeleine Rox, after receiving about 400 applications in just three days.
Peterborough Evening Telegraph

26 May 2011 … 45 jobs
BBC 08:05 Peterborough Breakfast Show
Lucy McGonegal from Tk-Maxx
“We’ve created around 45 new jobs. Obviously that’s a mix of part-time and full-time employees. But also, you know, as we get into our peak season, we will be taking on sort of more part time staff and what have you then as well.”

So there you have it. The final figure for jobs created is 45.


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  1. Well done Marco. That’s just £15,000 of local taxpayers money per job. Why don’t you think big now and cough up £75m of our money to your business buddies, and we can wipe out Peterborough’s 5000 unemployment problem at a stroke?

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