Is This a Record?

17:00 – 17:30 Monday 6th Auguat 2012
Drive BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

Plenty of people just getting into the spirit and the atmosphere, and it’s absolutely fantastic.
We heard the women in the introduction doing a fantastic job.
They’re basically just trying to introduce people to the Park in the friendliest way possible and that’s fantastic.
We hoped she might get a gold, but a bronze, still fantastic.
Getting a gold medal which is quite fantastic.
Grabbed two people in fantastic fancy dress.
The organisation has been brilliant, absolutely fantastic.
Everyone loves doing it as well, so it’s been fantastic.
Fantastic! Who’s playing?
How was that? It was fantastic.
Fantastic! Well I’ll let you get on.
We’ve got this lovely red orbit to our right as well that everyone can see in the background of the BBC studios, so it’s just fantastic. Fantastic.

(That’s enough of that. Ed.)