Interview with Buttercross Tearooms

Spring in Central Park Peterborough, at the Buttercross Tearooms (prop. Vincent Terranova)

An interview with Vincent Terranova proprietor of the Buttercross Tearooms Central Park Peterborough, broadcast on the Peterborough Breakfast Show at 07:30 am on Tuesday 16th March 2010. Interviewer is Paul Stainton.

PS: Where better place to start our Springwatch campaign – where better to sit down and enjoy the signs of Spring, than the Buttercross Tearooms in central Park. Vincent Terranova works there and joins us now. Morning Vincent.
VT: Good morning, good morning.
PS: Are you feeling springlike this morning?
VT: Fantastic.
PS: Have you had a lolly?
VT: Definitely spring.
PS: Have you had a lolly? You’ve had a lolly.
VT: I’ve had my lolly this morning.

PS: Have you now? Have the people of Peterborough started ditching ..
VT: ICBs we call them. We call them ICBs here.
VT: Oh yes.
PS: Why. Why?
VT: Ice cream breakfasts of course.
PS: Of course. Yes. Nicely done. I think you should patent that. But have the people of Peterborough generally started ditching tea for ice-cream yet?
VT: We’ve got very very good signs now, coming up. There’s definitely signs of ice-cream inundation.
PS: I can hear a bird tweeting.
VT: Can you hear them?
PS: This is Spring in Central Park. This is what it sounds like. Beautiful.
VT: You can definitely hear it.
PS: Can you catch the bird?
VT: No no no. You can’t catch it.
PS: No.
VT: You musn’t catch them.
PS: No no you mustn’t. Can you put the phone nearer to the bird so we can hear a sign of Spring?
VT: They’re quite high up. They’re in the trees, you know.
PS: Reach. Reach man.
VT: I’ll try. I’ll try.
PS: Go on.
VT: I don’t know if you can hear that?
PS: Beautiful. Beautiful sounds of Spring in Central Park. Beautiful. Obviously ice cream is starting to sell. What’s the most popular so far? What’s going on?
VT: Chocolate. It’s chocolate. Chocolate.
PS: People going for chocolate this Spring, are they?
VT: The kids, they’re going chocolate mad.
PS: Parents are going chocolate mad too.
Susie Roberts: Kerry and I are going down. definitely.
PS: You certainly are, if you carry on. So chocolate is big this Spring then?
VT: That’s what’s happening.
PS: Yes and are men in shorts yet in central Park?
VT: We’ce seen one or two. We have a regular customer, a Mr Williamson, regularly pops in.
PS: Ooh he’s outed him.
VT: Mr Williamson, and he was in his shorts over the weekend. On Saturday and Sunday.
PS: With socks and sandals?
VT: He had an ice-cream too, believe it or not.
PS: Was it socks and sandals, Mr Williamson?
VT: He was wearing socks and boots. Not sandals I’m afraid.
PS: It gets worse. How’s the Park looking?
VT: It looks great. The green, over the past two or three days of the grass, it’s changed. Something’s happened, and all of a sudden the grass looks different. There’s a little bit of foliage coming through, the evergreens are looking greener, the sun’s up this morning, and it’s just absolutely breathtaking.
PS: Because there’s a report in the papers this morning saying that England’s green and pleasant land is looking rather off-colour.
VT: Alive and kicking definitely.
PS: Well listen, enjoy Spring in Central Park with your birds.
VT: Thank you very very much.

PS: And Mr Williamson in his shorts. He’s Vincent Terranova fromn the Buttercross Tearooms in Central Park. Chocolate is in this Spring.