Huw Stephens talks to Alex Trimble

13:30 Wednesday 5th January 2010 BBC Radio 1.

HUW STEPHENS: Let’s talk to Alex from Two Door Cinema Club. Hello.

ALEX TRIMBLE: Hey. How are you doing?
HUW STEPHENS: I’m very good. And yourself?
ALEX TRIMBLE: I’m not too bad thanks.
HUW STEPHENS: Where are you this afternoon Alex from Two Door Cinema Club?
ALEX TRIMBLE: I am at my Mum’s house in Northern Ireland.
HUW STEPHENS: Ah lovely. Which part of Northern Ireland?
ALEX TRIMBLE: Donaghadee.
HUW STEPHENS: Brilliant. Donaghadee.
ALEX TRIMBLE: By the sea.
HUW STEPHENS: Last time I think I saw you play properly was in Northern Ireland for Rory McConnell’s big gig, the United Nations gig on Radio 1. Rory sat a new show Sunday night, here on Radio 1, BBC Introducing in Northern Ireland. But you’re on the show this afternoon because you were on the Sound of 2010 list this time last year.
HUW STEPHENS: What was it like, kind of finding yourself in the top fifteen last year? Was it an exciting time?
ALEX TRIMBLE: Really exciting. We just couldn’t believe it. We had been working for so long, and touring, and we had an album ready to go and this was just sort of perfect timing, that people were starting to take notice of us here, just before we were ready to go and get out there. So yes, it was brilliant for us.
HUW STEPHENS: Amazing. Everything I’ve read about you over the last six months at least Alex, about Two Door Cinema Club, has been they came from nowhere. Nobody expected them to be this big. People actually like them, this band, what a shock, what a surprise. How do you find when you read that? Because you have got so many fans who are listening now, and some who hopefully will in the future. How do you find all that stuff that’s written about you?
ALEX TRIMBLE: I mean that’s sort of how we felt at the start as well. We were just three friends writing songs and having fun, and obviously we wanted to do well, but we never expected this much success to come from one album, and three years work. It weas kind of overwhelming.
HUW STEPHENS: Yes but you just proved it by going out there and gigging, and I know with the festivals last year as well, you just owned those stages that you played at. I think, was it Reading and Leeds which was particluraly big for you?
ALEX TRIMBLE: Yes. They were unbelievable. We couldn’t believe how many people turned out those days to see us. It was a really very special moment for all of us.
HUW STEPHENS: Amazing. And onwards and upwards for 2011. The album’s obviously out now, Tourist History. We’ll play the new single in just a minute. What have you got planned for the rest of 2011? Not the rest, as if we’re nearly through with the year, do you know what I mean? For the year ahead.
ALEX TRIMBLE: Well we’re I guess we’re all back in Ireland at the minute. We’re writing and demo-ing some new stuff, and we fly to New York on Wednesday for a big stretch of America, Australia and Asia.
ALEX TRIMBLE: And then we’re going to settle down a bit more and just do some writing, and hopefully towards the summer make a start on a new album.
HUW STEPHENS: So we can expect that what in like 2012 I guess, the new album?
ALEX TRIMBLE: Early 2012 I hink we’re looking at.
HUW STEPHENS: I like this. Not just Sound of 2011, Sound of 2012 on Radio 1.
HUW STEPHENS: As people keep discovering the debut album then, I hope he tour goes well around the States and Australia and all that. It’s exciting times. I was raving to you this morning as well, I was tidying up my room, Annie Mac was playing I think it was the twelves mix, was it?
HUW STEPHENS: Of the tune of yours, and that sounded brilliant.
ALEX TRIMBLE; Brilliant mix.
HUW STEPHENS: Before we play your new single, you’ve got some tips for us, so will you talk us through these. we’ll start with a band called Dry the River (MUSIC) I played it on the show yesterday and the day before. So why are you such a fan of these Alex?
ALEX TRIMBLE: Well I discovered them a couple of months ago, from my girlfriend actually. She was really into them, and she gave me one of their EPs. And I’ve just had it on repeat ever since. It’s just brilliant brilliant music, really subtly beautiful and lyrically it’s amazing, and I listen to it every day, pretty much.
HUW STEPHENS; Oh wow. That’s great. So the song we’re playing now is called New Ceremony, which will be their debut single. So this is Dry the River. And then your next tip is James Blake. (MUSIC) Which I played before. He’s all over the place in the long list of Sound of 2011 as well. And I mean it’s stunning isn’t it, all of this?
ALEX TRIMBLE: It is it’s brilliant. I discovered this track called I never Learned to Share which was floating about. And I just I had it again on repeat. And since then I’ve bought all of his stuff and just it’s all amazing.
HUW STEPHENS: Yes. Ah it’s amazing. Do you like the gaps in it? I think that’s one of my favourite bits, the gaps.
ALEX TRIMBLE: Yes. Pople are very scared to do that I think these days, and he’s definitely pulling it off.
HUW STEPHENS: Yes. It’s great. It says here that Dry the River are going to be supporting you on a few tour dates as well. Is that true?
ALEX TRIMBLE: They are yes, in March.
HUW STEPHENS: Ah brilliant. Right. Your last tip Alex is Bad Veins. (MUSIC) Sounds good. Tell us about Bad Veins, if you would.
ALEX TRIMBLE: We met these guys for the first time in April of last year. Kev discoverd them on the Internet somewhere, and immediately we called them up and asked them to come on our with us. So we toured the States and became really good friends with them, and they’re just amazing. they’ve got a new album that they’re writing at the minute which I think will be out towards the end of the year. And I think that is just going to be brilliant. I’ve heard some demos, and I think it’s going to be a fantastic album.
HUW STEPHENS: Ah superb. So you get to take bands out on the road, kind of, supporting you, like bands like Phoenix and all of those dates like when they took you out on tour?
HU STEPHENS: Which is amazing. So let’s listen to a bit more Bad Veins because this sounds great, it sounds massive, it sounds epic, doesn’t it?
ALEX TRIMBLE: Yes. Brilliant.
HUW STEPHENS: Thanks for all your tips this afternoon Alex. And all the best for 2011. Lets play Two Door Cinema Club then. This is out on 7th February. It’s from Tourist History album. All the best Alex. Thank you very much.
ALEX TRIMBLE: Thank you very much.
HUW STEPHENS: All the best. (MUSIC)