Fry Bombshell Leaves Posh In Turmoil

18:07 Monday 8th October 2012
Drive BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

CHRIS MANN: A serious issue for the Posh, and that’s tonight Barry Fry says Darren Ferguson held talks with representatives of potential owners of Nottingham Forest over the summer. Fry says Ferguson held meetings about taking over at the City ground. “I found Darren had two meetings, and hadn’t told my Chairman.” he’s told BBC Radio Nottingham. Fry described discussions, which occurred after Ferguson comfortably kept Posh in the Championship last season, as unsettling for Posh, and argued the Club missed out on signings as a result. So, first of all, Adi, what do you make of that?
ADI MOWLES: Well I’d love to know his thinking behind it. I’m hoping it’s a death knell for Barry Fry at Peterborough United Football Club. That’s my hope. But I get a little bit worried when I hear things like this, to wonder out loud perhaps where it comes from. Did he do this off his own back, or was he prompted, or does he think it’s a great idea, like many of his ridiculous decisions over the years, since he’s been at London Road. It’s rocking the boat, and I don’t know what reasoning he would have behind it. At first I thought it was perhaps a discussion that had taken place with the owners at Forest when Fergie was here the first time. But if he’s adamantly saying it was last summer, and I haven’t heard the actual bit ..
CHRIS MANN: He says that former QPR Chairman Gianni Paladini had played a part in the talks, but as a representative for a consortium interested in buying Forest. Rob, what do you think of it all?
ROB GRAVES: Well it’s the timing that’s pretty hard to understand in this one. The interview with Barry Fry was apparently recorded on Friday before we played Forest. I’m assuming it’s part of the build up to that game. And I can’t really see the value in talking about that kind of thing going through now. I guess the point that Barry was trying to make probably is that yes, we did lose out on players in the summer, and there was a little bit of an unsettling set of rumours going around. But that’s kind of in the past. So you wonder where this one is going, and who decided it was a good thing to talk about.
CHRIS MANN: Well gentlemen let me put what appears to be a direct quote from Barry Fry from the interview. He says, “That was very unsettling for us at the time, because we were trying to sign players, and the players were saying to me, I want to sign for Darren Ferguson. If he’s not there, I’m not signing. We lost two or three players on the strength of that. It was a very bad time for us. We were very angry about that. Darren admitted that he had met certain people.” Adi?
ADI MOWLES: Well I’m with Rob. The timing just begs the question, what on earth .. If he’s done it off his own back, then what on earth has motivated him? This is what I don’t understand. Why didn’t he say it two weeks ago, ten days ago, or when the Club was getting flack for not signing players. Why didn’t he come out then? If he’s got the permission of everybody involved, why didn’t he come out then and tell us, this is the reason, according to him, according to him, that people didn’t sign? Why come out with it, as Rob says, the Friday before the game against the team he supposedly spoke to?
CHRIS MANN: We’ve got a statement from Fergie. Let me just read that, because I think it’s important we get this in context. He says, “I was contacted by people representing potential new owners of Nottingham Forest, and as they were only potential owners, I had no obligation to speak to my Chairman about that. But the real issue here is why on earth this story has surfaced now. There is no rhyme or reason to drag this up at a time when we are all under enough pressure as it is. I have not spoken to Fry, but I do not like working with him. For one reason or another, he is a permanent fixture at this Club, so I just get on with things. I suspect he is trying to undermine me with the fans, and force me to resign. If that is the case, then he is going to be disappointed. He has tried these underhand tactics before. Let me make this clear as well. No player has refused to sign for this club as a result of anything I have ever done. It’s his, Fry’s job, to sign players, so maybe he’s looking for an excuse for his own failings. I’ve spoken to the Chairman about this matter, but that conversation will remain private. I don’t like discussing things like this in public, but I feel I have to respond on this occasion“. That statement just out from Darren Ferguson.