Fiona Radic Green Party on Peterborough Council’s Incinerator Plans

07:10 Wednesday 27th June 2012
Peterborough Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

FIONA RADIC: Landfill tax is a problem. However, that doesn’t take into account that we still have to dispose of what’s left, because there’s a residue left after incineration. There are two residues. One is bottom ash, which is what comes out of the bottom of the incinerator process. That goes to landfill. There is some notion that it can be used in roads, but apparently that’s not actually ever been done, outside the boundaries of landfill sites. The other much nastier is fly ash, which comes from inside the stack. And we don’t know what would be done with that, although we understand there are various chemical processes. It can be combined with cement working, and so on. But basically we don’t know what the plans are for those. And we also can’t quantify how much. So when they say it eliminates landfill, that can’t possibly be true, because we need to work out what’s left after incineration.
Friends of the Earth has very pessimistic forecasts for the amount of energy this particular plant, or a plant of this type, can actually produce. But much more importantly, in the plans there is no energy delivery infrastructure. Now in Scandinavia, where they do have a record of moving warm or hot water into people’s homes, or facilities like swimming pools, there’s a very very very very high tech grid, which has to be put in. And there’s no indication that the Council has got that grid, or even thought about it at the moment.