Ed Murphy on the Labour Leadership Contest

Local Labour man Ed Murphy talks briefly to Paul Stainton from a mobile phone about the national leadership contest. Broadcast at 08:20 on Wednesday 1st September 2010 in the Peterborough Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

PS: Ed Murphy is Labour’s Parliamentary Candidate for Peterborough. Morning Ed.
EM: Good morning. I was the Parliamentary Candidate at the last General Election.
PS: Well you sort of still are.
EM: Maybe again if they call an early one. You never know.
PS: If you’re lucky. You’ll be lucky. Are you getting all excited now, all itchy feet, ‘cos the old ballot papers are going out, aren’t they now? And ..
EM: The ballot papers should be in the post this week for trade union members and Labour Party members, and we’ll be able to make our decision on who the new leader is.
PS: Yes. And the Daily Mirror today, they’ve gone for Mister Bean.
EM: They’ve gone for David Miliband.
PS: Oh sorry. I didn’t look at it close enough. David Miliband. That’s right. Yeah. And who’s your money on Ed?
EM: His brother’s been quite popular, Ed Miliband. He’s quite progressive. I’ve met David Miliband myself. He was an excellent Foreign Minister. He’s been to Peterborough. It’s an alternative ballot, so we’ll be able to do one two three four. We had an All Members Meeting in Peterborough where we discussed it. But Peterborough constituency party chose not to nominate any particular candidate. We felt that parties should have been able to put people on the ballot paper.
PS: It’s a two horse race though isn’t it between the Glenn Miller band and Steve Miller band, isn’t it?
EM: That’s right. Again we had .. Andy came to Peterborough as well, Andy Burnham, and he may have impressed a few people as well. So he might get some first preferences.
PS: All this on the front pages, on the day that Tony Blair gets his biography out, describes Gordon Brown as maddening, and having zero emotional intelligence. What do you make of these memoirs Ed?
EM: There’s some headlines in this morning’s papers from The Journey memoirs. And there’s other articles there as well. I think it’s actually quite a balanced book. Hopefully I’ll get some time to read it.
PS: And who are you going to be voting for Ed? What do you reckon? Is it going to be Ed Miliband?
EM: I’m not sure at the moment. It might be a Miliband.
PS: Yes. Who’s going to be the next Labour leader Ed?
EM: It’ll probably be a Miliband.
PS: Yes. And there’s some saying that if David Miliband had been the Leader before the election then you may have won.
EM: Probably would have done in Peterborough. Yes. He appeals to people in the South East of England. There would have been a different media narrative. And there would have been a change narrative going on, and I probably would have eaten even more into Stewart Jackson’s majority.
PS: Yes. Listen Ed, we’ll let you go because I know you’ve got to catch a plane, so we’ll let you crack on. Ed Murphy was Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Peterborough. The voting papers going out today for the next Leader of the Labour Party. Most see it as a two horse race between the Miliband brothers, Glenn and Steve. But err .. I’m sorry, David and Ed, .. but you never know. Ed Balls, Andy Burnham, they could come up on the rails. You never know. You never know.