Deeping Raft Race Under Threat

A short item about the future of the Deepings Raft Race broadcast in the 07:00 News (news copy written by Andy Burrows and Ben Stevenson) on 14th July 2010 in the Peterborough Breakfast Show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

ANDY: Organisers of the Deepings Raft Race are predicting this year’s event could be their last. They’re blaming red tape and bureaucracy for causing funding issues. Ben Stevenson has the details. (TAPE)
BEN: The Deeping Raft Race is in its twelth year, and raises money for charity. Until last year the event had never been charged by an authority, but after last year’s event the police charged over a thousand pounds for their services, a fee which they have repeated this year. The organisers have also failed to get a licence for their evening show, which has now had to be cancelled.


Note: A similar failure to grant a licence occurred at the Cambridge Strawberry Fair this year.

Deepings Raft Race: 8th August 2010