Cranfield in Peterborough

07:21 Thursday 30th June 2011
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire
Let’s find our more by speaking to John Richards, who’s the Executive Director of Children’s Services at Peterborough City Council. Joins us now. Good morning John. So how does this grant work? You’re planning to pay £120,000 to Cranfield University to fund this role and why? …

Now the actual cost of the Chair and all the accoutrements of a Chair of Renewable Energy is over £300,000. The City Council is only putting in £120,000, that’s £40,000 over three years, and the rest of the money is being put up by PREL. So this is a real partnership between business, the Council and the university.
Council Subsidy for PREL’s Cranfield Link-Up


Minutes of a Council meeting held on 13th July 2011
From Questions Without Notice on the Record of Executive Decisions:
Provision of grant support to Cranfield University
Councillor Sandford queried what benefit this £300k grant would provide to residents of Peterborough. Councillor Cereste responded that it would ensure a reputable organisation remained in the city providing skills and education opportunities for the residents of Peterborough.
From here: Council Website – 11mb pdf file


Marco Cereste is the Conservative Leader of Peterborough City Council and Chairman of PREL, Peterborough Renewable Energy Limited.