Core Voters Against Mass Immigration

tea_and_sympathy07:19 Wednesday 23rd January 2013
Bigger Breakfast Show
BBC Radio Cambridgeshire

[P]AUL STAINTON: Two murders in the space of a week in a Fenland town, and residents in Wisbech say they’re living in a climate of fear.
LOCAL ONE: I’m a little bit jittery, I must admit. You expect a lot of these things in Wisbech now unfortunately, but it is a bit of a worry. You lock your doors now, where you didn’t do before. You just watch out for each other, but beyond that, what can you do? You look over your back all the time now. That’s the way you feel. You’re always looking behind you.
LOCAL TWO: I think the murder situation in Wisbech is absolutely vile. And there is a lot of concern for the older people in Wisbech. Once you get to a certain age you want to feel secure in your own home, don’t you?
Terrible. My relations all live down in London, and they’re always on about what happens in Wisbech. What a terrible place to live, all these murders and that, carrying on.
LOCAL FOUR: Frightened. And not only that, we’ve been here twelve years now, and the way of life here has changed so much, with all this immigration and that. There’s ten to every one of us with the sounds here. Every time you go shopping, or anywhere like that, there’s old ladies, English ladies crying because they can’t relate to it all. It’s too much for them. I’m not a racist or anything like that, but they’ve put too many in this one town. I don’t know why they’ve done this.
PAUL STAINTON: That gentleman touched on a bit of a taboo subject there, didn’t he, immigration? Is that something we need to be talking about?