CB1 Welcomes Microsoft

chetwoods_cb117:45 Tuesday 18th December 2012
Drive BBC Radio Cambridge

[C]HRIS MANN: Microsoft have opened a new research building in Cambridge. The new six storey office in Station Road was designed by Chetwoods Architects, which is part of the CB1 masterplan. Sven Töpel is the Chief Executive of Brookgate, who are the developers. Hello Sven.
SVEN TÖPEL: Hello. Good evening.
CHRIS MANN: Tell us more about the new building that’s opened today.
SVEN TÖPEL: Yes, it’s the first major office building, new built office building, down Station Road. And it will become, as you said, the home for Microsoft Research in Cambridge. And they will be moving in shortly after the Christmas break. The furniture and other matters are happening as we speak, so it’s very exciting.
CHRIS MANN: Obviously Microsoft’s a big deal. This is their European headquarters.
SVEN TÖPEL: It is. Yes. And what we’re hoping, by creating the environment, conducive environment for engagement and discussion between people within Microsoft, the idea is that this will generate new ideas, generated in Cambridge. So it’s all about creating an environment for learning.
CHRIS MANN: And what about after that? What’s the next stage of the development of what’s called CB1?
SVEN TÖPEL: We are bringing forward, in the middle of next year, a new headquarters for Mott MacDonald, who are a major employer in the city centre. They employ about 500 people, and they’ve been in Station Road for 38 years, and their accommodation is very tired. So they’ll be moving into a new highly efficient modern building, to bring all of their people together. So that’s the next move. And then post-that, it will be sorting out the cycle parking at the station, and delivering a 3,000 space multi-story cycle facility on a new Station Square, with an associated hotel.
CHRIS MANN: It’s too bad the cycle park and the car parking wasn’t fixed first Sven. Is the traffic going to get worse?
SVEN TÖPEL: I think the whole thrust behind CB1 is one of sustainable transport, a very high cycle parking provision, and working with all of the occupiers to bring forward green travel plans to encourage sustainable commuting. The whole thrust of CG1 is to reduce the impact on the highway in the post-development world, compared with where it is today, so that in every development that comes forward, we’ll be looking at sustainable commuting and reduced car parking.
CHRIS MANN: Sven, congratulations on that big step today. Thank you for joining us.