BBC Peterborough March 9th 2010

BBC Radio Peterborough news for Tuesday 9th March 2010

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson

Topics: NHS Peterborough is now £10.9 million in the red but the Interim CE has a plan.  Opportunity Peterborough restructuring: former Director of Strategic Growth becomes Head of City Vibrancy: the Plain English Campaign are summoned. Public and Commercial Services Union strike: Day Two. The Royal Society of Arts collaborates with Peterborough City Council to launch “Citizen Power Peterborough”. Beetroot is good for the spleen. Rumours of back-room tantrums as Peterborough United FC. prepare for relegation: Glumbusters called in.

Interviewees: Steve Bowyer Head of City Vibrancy Opportunity Peterborough. Ian Albert PCS Union. Matthew Taylor CE Royal Society of Arts. Michael van Straten Health Guru. Darren Fower Peterborough City Cllr. John Cousins Glumbusters. Sheila Bremner Interim CE NHS Peterborough and CE NHS Mid-Essex. Marie Claire Plain English Campaign.

Brands Mentioned:  Glumbusters. Opportunity Peterborough.