BBC Peterborough March 3rd 2010

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson

Topics: Secondary school place allocations: 17% disappointed. General public polled on UK troops in Afghanistan. Peterborough City Council holds its annual spring clean. Peterborough City Council formalises plans to install wi-fi in the city centre. Promotion for a car museum in Cumbria. PUFC release a player. Local pub holds a traditional story-telling night.

Interviewees: Jonathan Lewis Peterborough City Council. Lt. Col. David Wakefield. Mark Horsley Peterborough City Council. Gavin Elsey Peterborough City Cllr. Peter Nelson Cumbria Car Museum Owner. Steven Goldspink Peterborough City Cllr. Peter Lloyd Peterborough United Independent Supporters Association. Christine Bonner Bereaved Parent of Soldier. Chris Lockerbie Pub Event Organiser.

Brands Mentioned:  The Old Still Pub.