BBC Peterborough 1st March 2010

Presenter: Andy Gall
Producer: Ben Stevenson

Topics: Consultants bid to block details of cash received from Peterborough City Council. Predicted Government cuts prompt council to put services out to tender. Winter Olympics roundup. Unspent council cash reprise. YOUGOV poll: Tory lead narrows. Local edition of “Come Dine With Me” filmed. Chilean earthquake update.

Interviewees: Mike Fletcher Peterborough City Cllr. and Chairman Sustainable Growth Scrutiny Committee. Kate Mallord Metrosnow. Mike Heath Peterborough City Services. Parveen Ashraf Amaani Spicebox and Cook. Mark Wallace Taxpayers’ Alliance. Bill Bilsby Unison Rep. Peterborough City Services. Toby Earle TV Easy Magazine.

Brands Mentioned:  Westcombe Engineering. Volksworld. Metrosnow. Amaani Spicebox.