BBC Peterborough 26th February 2010

Presenter: Paul Stainton
Producer: Ben Stevenson

Topics: Community Leadership Fund cash goes unspent in wards. The health risk associated with energy drinks. Sexualisation of children by media a cause for concern. Local dyslexic woman overcomes her difficulties and wants to help others. Peterborough Festival: big names wanted. Lloyds Bank Group reports losses. Dragon Boats go on display. Local pub offers 3-D TV.

Interviewees: John Fox Peterborough City Cllr. Diane O’Carroll Naked Scientists. Dave King Peterborough Festival. Linda Papodopolis Author. Robert Talbot Royal London Asset Management. Marco Cereste Peterborough City Council Leader. Simon Baker Sports Lounge Pub Landlord. Michelle Douglas Dyslexic. Darren Fox Rugby Player. Kevin Lumb Gildenburgh Printing Company.

Brands Mentioned:  Sports Lounge. Cadburys. Red Bull. Showcase Cinema. Lloyds Banking Group. Royal London Asset Management. Gildenburgh Printing Company. Gable Events.